Syniro / Amlab Dissolved Notice

Pressfriends, Amlab and AllOpenSource have been dissolved.

Unfortunately, on 14th June, Syniro announced that to make way for their new brand and business image, we were discontinuing Amlab and AllOpenSource. Amlab Education services and products will continue to be operated by their respective clients (Sponne School for Amlab's News Quiz). We will not charge the educational institution which used our product to continue to use our trademarks. The educational institutions that used our services can also still contact us for support with their services if necessary, however, the support given may be limited due to our support agents limited knowledge of the schools service.

AllOpenSource will be shut down because it had 0 customers, so we would rather stop funding it if it is clearly going nowhere. This is the same situation for Pressfriends end.

We thank you for your cooperation during this period and we apologise for any inconvience you may have with your products.

Harry Burr,